Hemp Extract & Cacao

Catalyst CBD Chocolates

Grown in Oregon. Perfected in O'ahu.
Full spectrum Hemp CBD gummies (vegan & made with organic ingredients). Try these delectable, minimal ingredient, small batch mixed fruit gummies from the Pacific Northwest & southern Oregon. For a better life!

Catalyst CBD Gummies

Full & Broad Spectrum Varieties Available

Pet Hemp Goodies!

Treat your furry friend like the family they are with healthy, natural hemp supplements like they deserve.
Nitro cold brew coffee, hemp CBD, adaptogens & oat milk (dairy free).

Nitro Cold Brew CBD Latte


Be Here. Be You.

CBD Infused Sparkling Water

Providing the finest quality hemp-based health & performance products,

sustainably & organically sourced in the Pacific Northwest & Colorado.


Beyond The Label

Not all hemp products are created equal. We set the standard by sourcing the products we sell based on the sum of their parts--not by what somebody prints on the label. 

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