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Best Product Ever

I have struggled with sleep my entire life and have tried almost everything to help. This product has literally changed my life and I now look forward to taking my gummie and sleeping. I can’t possibly thank you enough!

Ski Bee Dee Salve
Sarah Sutherland
Ski Bee Dee for arthritis

I ordered the Ski Bee Dee Salve to help with some arthritis that I'm starting to develop in my left hand. It definitely helps ease the aching. I also use it on my shoulders that get tight and it's wonderful for that too.

Lunchbox Alchemy CBD Gummies 1500mg Mixed Fruit

I have chronic pain, and taking too much NSAID's burnt a hole in my stomach. I thought I would be in pain forever, then CBD! With no THC! These really work. It took about a week to receive, so order early. But, yes, excellent.

Daily 8 Mushroom Immunity Boost Powder
Daily 8 Mushroom - Amazing!

This is great in coffee. Adding this enhances the flavor somehow and having an immunity boost is a plus! Love it.

Lunchbox Alchemy CBD Gummies 250mg Mixed Fruit
Doug Blakely
If it worked like tasted

Had a strong taste or flower but zero effect fought same anxiety as if i didnt take anything. Not strong enough and I don't have build up of meds. Long night for me.

Lunchbox Alchemy CBD Gummies 250mg Mixed Fruit
Nadine Levinson
Great Product

Great experience on website. But the product was excellent and met my objective.
Thank you.

Amazing product and customer service !!

10/10 for sure !!

Ski Bee Dee Salve
Lanakila Dusenberry-Lee
Greatness Relaxed

Super relaxing n healing for the body, especially after long hard days of tree work n a long surf sesh.

Insane product!

Love you guys and thank you for helping my body wirh my knee replacement recover and for getting me off the pain pills. Catalyst saved me

*DAILY* Full Spectrum Gummies
Just what I needed

Taking one extra strength daily gummy in the he morning gives me just what I need to get through my day without having anxiety and keeps me calm and focused. I have quit my prescription meds and couldn’t be happier.

*SLEEP* Full Spectrum Gummies

A blessing

I am a long hauler covid patient who has suffered for over a year I had nothing that could make me feel better.  The amazing people who own this product Introduced it to me and for my daughter who is autistic and has been in alot of medicine.    It has been a blessing and has helped me to be able to fight this  disease in a much better way. It has helped with my inflammation , Brain fog,, My digestive problem. It is just a miracle and I recommend it to anyone.
Thank you so so mich 🙏💙

Hawaiian Haze Hemp Pre-Rolls
Kainehe Hunt
Weed review


Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Latte Powder
Turmeric Latte Powder - Love it!

Turmeric Latte Powder - Love it! Helps with those aches and pains.....:-)

Hemp Extract Cacao Chocolate, Hawaiian-style!
Susana Konecny

Thank you for the products .. thank you thank you

you guys are great thank you this will help mama ay 95

Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Latte Powder
Israel Duron
10 out of 10!

I bought the Tumeric Latte Powder in hopes it helped with common bloating and assistance with my digestion. This product provided by Catalyst did not disappoint! The results were almost immediate. It helped in cleaning my digestion system and helped with appetite.

All in all, 10/10; highly recommend!

Thank you Catalyst for providing a Better Life for your customers. I am a customer FOR LIFE!

Muscle & Joint Capsules
Karla Ballesteros
Best joint pain remedy

It’s amazing how only one pill can do the work of 6 pills I used to take that barely worked. My left big toe has recovered full movement. Left knee hurt to sit or standing position and now it’s barely there. My husband brought these pills to me one day and I immediately felt the pain from all my joints diminish. The first time I ran out of the pills I figured I’d take what I was taking before to finish the supplements & it wasn’t the same so I found this website, placed my order and I’m back to feeling better again.

Ski Bee Dee Salve
Cindy Ficker

Works great on my knee pain

Dippin’ thru your City

Thanks Catalyst for offering such an amazing product. I recently was able to quit using Nicotine after nearly 26 yrs by using Cannadips to help satisfy cravings. A safe, spit-free, non gross, effective way for people to dip rather than using tobacco/ Snus/ Nicotine pouches... with the additional benefit of added CBD. Love the nice satisfying tingle from the natural mint flavor, and the tropical mango has a long lasting sweetness to it. Stoked!

Ski Bee Dee Salve
Jimmy Clarke

We have found that the Ski Bee Dee salve has been the best salve for sore muscles!!!

USDA Organic Hemp Extract Tincture (40mg/mL)
Dave Thompson
Great Service

Dealing with Johnny has been spot on.
Great Bloke
Great product


Love love LOVE! Sells better than any other CBD water in my Tap Room!

USDA Organic Hemp Extract Tincture (40mg/mL)
Justin Wilkenfeld
Great stuff that works!

Feeling the positive effects of the tinctures and other Catalyst products. High quality and really seem to help with pain management and inflammation. Highly recommend!

Only brand I trust!

Thank for making a product that absolutely does what it is supposed to do! :)