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At Catalyst, our focus is health and wellness for you, your family and furry friends. We offer only the highest quality and most effective natural plant-based products on the market. Our products are sustainably sourced from organic growers we know and trust from our home state of Oregon and beautiful Colorado. Not all products are created the same. Do you KNOW where YOUR product is cultivated? We know where OURS is!

Natural plant based health & performance products

We all deserve A Better Life! Wouldn't you agree?

At Catalyst, our goal is to make sure everyone has the ability to make that happen. Thanks to our wide range of premium quality wellness and performance products, we have solutions made from nature that help you with everyday aches, pains, inflammation and mental well-being.

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"Honestly, this is one of the best companies. All of their products actually work with noticeable results. I am paralyzed from the chest down and the variety of different products help with pain, moods and make life easier."

Jesse F.